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Articulation is probably the most important, and yet, the most neglected art in today’s times. Our power to articulate our thoughts is what sets us apart from other animals. And yet, we tend to ignore its importance. It is our endeavour at Scribido to create meaningful teaching and practical experiences for students to learn the art of expression and articulation.

As Ralph Waldo Emerson rightly said, “If the mind had not been framed for articulation, man would still be a beast in the forest.”

India's First Journalism
Program For Schools!

At Scribido Campus, we’re proud to offer a unique journalism program to schools that help students develop their overall articulation skills by offering training modules which focus on improving their Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening skills.

We work with over 310 schools and our ever-increasing student readership boasts of over 4,20,000 students, thus making us one of India’s Largest, if not only, Journalism Programs for Schools.

The Campus Reporter

The Campus Reporter Program is a unique educational program that empowers young students to develop their language skills by setting up in-house news studios which help schools create custom-made newsletters, custom-made news bulletins and even a private radio channel.

It is accurately designed to develop the communication skills of students in a holistic manner.

The program is a platform where students are trained in writing skills and journalism, with the aim of preparing them to be campus reporters. School students actively contribute to their customised newsletter and video news bulletins through their editorial boards, creating a movement of journalism and articulation in the school campus.

Scribido Bloggers

Scribido Bloggers is an opportunity for our student reporters to blog online.

Scribido Talks

Scribido Talks is a unique initiative which gives school students, a platform to express their thoughts and views. Scribido Talks brings to you, curated ideas of young minds, that deserve a wider audience. Why should a child’s views be subjected to school newsletters and video bulletins? It is time, that the world sits up and takes notice of these young bright minds & encourage them, as they set out to conquer their dreams.


Scribido Campus hosts an array of educational events and activities throughout the year for our dear students and teachers. Click on the links below to know more about our upcoming events!

Teacher Training Workshop- Pune

Scribido Campus brings to you a unique teacher training workshop on Emotional Intelligence and Personal Energy Management by acclaimed trainers Dr. Sudha Srikant and Mr. R. Sridhar on 17th November, 2018.

5th Journalism Summit- Pune

Our Reach

Scribido Campus currently counts 310 schools as customers in 10 cities across India.

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