About Scribido

Our Mission

Education is not merely an acquired degree in today’s challenging times. A person could be illiterate but have oceans of experience within him and still be far more educated than a degreed enthusiast. Getting the student to explore out of the School Box is what we get him/her to do. Thinking from the common man’s perspective while covering a school outdoor event, adding specific anecdotes, getting people to connect deeper to share everyday life experiences through interviews, is the ‘Power of Articulation.’ With our magnum events, students are enabled to follow their own ‘Talent Path’ and explore where it leads them, of course with OUR team watching their back at all times. They are given guidance on speech, diction, empathetic tone, attention to detail and trained to be highly observant and sharp learners.

Changing the narrative from ‘cannot’ to ‘can do’ is our main aim through articulation. Scribido Campus does not and will never underestimate its students. We will always inspire them to give their best with or without the resources that are made available to them.

Our mission is to train every student, in articulating their thoughts and views, and our vision to give every school a platform to communicate their activities and events efficiently to the parents. Communication is the most important tool in building and maintaining relationships whether its with student-teacher or student-parent-teacher. Our mission is to refine these skills in students so that they can present their intelligence better at a global level and are capable of expressing themselves, clearly and confidently, in all aspects and areas of their life.


Our Vision

Articulation is probably the most important, and yet, the most neglected art in today’s times. Our power to articulate our thoughts is what sets us apart from other animals. And yet, we tend to ignore its importance. It is our endeavour at Scribido to create meaningful teaching and practical experiences for students to learn the art of expression and articulation.

As Ralph Waldo Emerson rightly said, “If the mind had not been framed for articulation, man would still be a beast in the forest.”

Our programs are designed to help students develop their skills in Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening which build on their overall articulation skills. It is our aim to inculcate the ability to have thought-led conversations within students. Thus, making students ready to be confident and positive global citizens.

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