310 Total Customers


The Scribido Campus clientele boasts of some of the biggest names in school education in India. Our interesting products and learning programs appeal to schools and students across the length and breadth of India. We are also proud to state that we have a 100% customer renewal rate, which motivates us year on year, to bring interesting teaching modules, products and experiences for our dear students.


1842 Newsletters Developed

Team Scribido Campus developed a whopping 1842 newsletters last academic year for our customers. Each newsletter is unique in content, design and experience. This number indicates the amount of content generated by our student campus reporters after training by Scribido Campus Trainers, turning The Campus Reporter Program truly into a movement of sorts.

4,23,660 Total Newsletter Readership

Our newsletter readership includes students, parents & teachers, all of whom are a part of the schooling ecosystem.  Our team receives regular feedback from our dear readers on the content and the reporting done by our campus reporters, along with suggested topics and issues for the upcoming edition. Our readers are a part of our ever-growing community, contributing to this movement of articulation.

1535 Training’s Conducted

Our proprietary training curriculum on Journalism & Articulation for campus reporters is the first in this Industry. Scribido Campus trainers regularly visit our school customers to engage with the editorial team. These training focus on the various modules of our Journalism & Articulation curriculum, along with discussions on current issues of national importance, which can be covered in the upcoming newsletters. Our trainings form the backbone of our program, and bring the skill development angle to The Campus Reporter Program.

54 Team Strength

We are a very lean & young team at Scribido Campus, and this allows us to focus on individual team member efficiency and output. Our offices are buzzing with ideas and new projects, and time is always a constraint 🙂

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