The Woman Who Inspires Me

The Woman Who Inspires Me

When anyone is asked about the inspiration in their life, the first thing that comes to their mind is their mother or other famous people in the world.

Similar to everyone, my inspiration is a mother, but she is not a woman with high qualification or elite status, but a mother to two hardworking children. She is our house maid, Mrs. Rohini Jadhav.

It was just one week after the death of her husband that she came to our colony searching for a job. All she had was two kids to feed and a house to run. We were in need of one maid, so we took her in.

I was astounded to see how hard she worked. On the basis of her spirits, she managed to admit her older son to an engineering institute and her younger son aced his junior college. Her sons really made her proud and worth her hardwork.

A year ago due to a financial crisis, she was unable to pay her son’s tuition fee, so she got a loan from the bank. To clear the debt as soon as possible she worked overtime at three more houses from the locality, undertook sewing on weekends and also did babysitting when required.

She proved that being rich and literate is not the only way to build big dreams. One must have ardent hopes and determination to conquer the island of aspirations amidst the sea full of adversities.

Today both her sons are successful in life and have achieved what their mother had dreamt for them or even more. Rohini’s efforts paid off and now she lives a quintessential lifestyle.

She is my inspiration not because she has done some world-changing discovery, but she helped me discover the world differently. She is great because her spirits are as high as Bachendri Pal, perseverance like Marie Curie and every other trait like the great women of the century.

She is an unsung hero and not being educated does not reduce her heroism even a bit. She was, is and will always remain my inspiration for life.

Siddhi Shelke IX C

SNBP International School, Rahatani Campus

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