Out of the Box Career Options

Out of the Box Career Options

Globalisation has done wonders to the economy; it has increased the GDP, personal disposable income and demand for human capital thereby leading to an increase in the standard of living. It has also opened up large opportunities for the Indian youth, who are willing to break away from conventional career options and opt for less chosen ones. About a decade ago, when a parent or a relative used to ask a child ‘beta, badey hoke kya banogey…?’ the usual answer was that he or she wanted to become a doctor, pilot, and engineer or may be an astronaut. But the same question has different answers now. Today when a 10 year old announces his intention of becoming a tennis player, chef or a radio jockey, he means it! Moreover, the parents are likely to be supportive to the choices made. These days there is no dearth of opportunities. Radio channels are always in need of a good radio jockeys, similarly models are always in need of good fashion photographers who can boost their portfolio with some amazing clicks. When compared to a conventional career, unconventional options have both positive and negative points, so it is important to make an informed choice. A person opting for conventional courses is likely it get trapped in a rat race due to the cut-throat competition. Though the competition is much less in unconventional options, but yes one needs a strong will and lots of patience. On this road less travelled, you need a lot of courage to move ahead. There is no fixed recipe for success, one needs to find his own way. There are some things which will help you to make an informed choice like: passion, support from your family, a role model to look upto, acquire skills, contacts etc.

Some of the unconventional career options are; photography, writer, professional blogging, environmentalist, special tool operators, fitness expert, wedding planner, sound engineering.

At the end I would like to say, “Do what you love, love what you do.”

Kanan Rana X A

Army Public School, Dehu Road

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