Mascot Story

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Mascot Story

Hey everyone!

My name is Master Scribido. I am a student like you. It’s been four years that I have been a part of Scribido Campus. I have loved to be the face of this youth-scripted company which has gradually brought about a change through its ‘Articulation Movement.’

But it was not always like this. My journey has been full of worldly and wordy adventures. I was a student who stammered in class, was unable to write a
decent sentence in my essays or compositions. I had no confidence at all! It
was a struggle every day. I never even bothered to read the newspapers.

One fine day, the Scribido Trainer entered our class and told us about this whole new world which we can create using our imagination. She said, “Words have strength. Words have emotion. Words have the power to change the world.” She told us that we just have to express our feelings and emotions in words, in our school newsletter. That’s when I became a Scribido Campus Fan.

Mascot Story02

My world-view gradually started changing. I began to read extensively. The more I read, the more I was able to improve my vocabulary and write with a purpose. With more reading, I had to slip on a pair of really thick black specs which made me look all the more like a nerd. The frown on my face slowly tuned into a 100 watt smile which brought a lot of cheer around me, whenever I flashed it. It has stayed with me all these years. When you are curious about something and you put effort into questioning it and finding answers to it, this new information gives you an extended edge of confidence which is impossible to shake off. I have been building my knowledge base since then.

Today, I am a young journalist and a most loved mascot, who is always trying to question the objective and the purpose of things. I have made new friends on the way, one of them being Ms. Scribido who is so much fun when she is not engrossed in a book. I wonder how she has not gotten specs as yet? We have our share of debates when it comes to discussing things like whom should we invite for our Journalism Summit, what should the next theme be for our newsletters and who is the coolest Student Lead Anchor in our news videos?

We manage to follow the ‘Twinning Trend’ with matching red or may be slightly pink sneakers. We have our own followers on Social Media Platforms. But it all comes down to one team, one purpose and one movement, which is ‘Articulation.’

We are here to bring about a monumental change in the way students read, write, speak and listen. We are here to fight and win our battles one day at a time! We are Team Scribido Campus!

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