Scribido Talks @ Mumbai City

Scribido Talks @ Mumbai City

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‘Scribido Talks’ is an online platform where students will get the opportunity to express their thoughts, opinions, share real-life stories and discoveries with millions of viewers. Scribido Talks is your opportunity to Amaze, Mesmerize and Connect with millions online by presenting and sharing your well-crafted ideas, opinions and discoveries with the world.


Scribido Talks @ Mumbai City is an exciting opportunity for students from schools across Mumbai city, aged between 9 years and 18 years, to put forth their talent, charm the audience with their views, and compete for the coveted Popular Choice Awards and Critics Choice Awards. Please find below, details about the age group, categories, speaker guide & the timeline for Scribido Talks @ Mumbai City.


Event Format

Scribido Talks is an online event, hosted on Students who wish to speak about any unique idea or subject that is close to their heart can register to speak at Scribido Talks.  Students have to first select a topic and their eventual Talk should not be more than 3-5 mins. Please scroll down below to find the steps for registration and the speaker guide. Once registered, students will be put through a rigorous auditioning process to select the best that Mumbai city has to offer. These selected students will then be called Scribido Talks Ambassadors, who will undergo a 2-day intensive workshop conducted by Senior Scribido Campus trainers. This workshop will help the students in enhancing their articulation skills and will focus on A) Content Articulation & Scripting; B) Content Delivery. Once trained and ready, Scribido Talks Ambassadors will then go on to record their Talk in our specially designed studio. The finale will be when the videos are uploaded online and parents and school students will vote for the best video, thus ensuring competition between the best schools in Mumbai.


Categories for Participation

The Categories for participation & registration are:

Juniors: 9 – 12 Years (As on 1st August 2019)

Seniors: 13 – 15 Years (As on 1st August 2019)

Super Seniors: 16 – 18 Years (As on 1st August 2019)

Steps for Registration

  • Choose a topic from the list of the topic: Refer to our Speaker Guide (click here)
  • Write your original transcript and research more about your topic
  • Fill the Registration form online. Registrations open from 15th June 2019 (click here)
  • We will email you the time slots for auditions.
  • Auditions location will be shared soon.

Auditions: What to Expect?

Date: 1st July – 13th July

Venue: Auditions will be held in different schools across Mumbai.

Time: Will be communicated to registered participants via email.

Dress Code: Students from all categories representing their schools will be dressed in their school uniform and carry their School ID cards. Students in Super Senior categories can come dressed in formals.


  • Auditions will be based on the three age-wise categories.
  • You will be judged by an esteemed panel of jury
  • Once you enter the auditioning room, you will be asked to introduce yourself (Be as descriptive as possible), followed by reading out a paragraph of your original transcript on the topic selected (No need to read out the whole transcript. Just 1 paragraph). This will be followed by a Q&A round to understand your thought process and understanding of the topic chosen.

The judging parameters will be:

  • Choice of topic: What makes your topic different and interesting for viewers.
  • Presentation Skills: Students will be marked on the way they present themselves, introduce themselves and talk about their topic.
  • The Originality of the Transcript: If you have something original and unique to share with the world, then our platform is all yours.
  • Body Language & Confidence: Students will be judged on how confident they are while presenting themselves.
  • Voice Modulation: It is one of the most powerful weapons that you can have in your arsenal while delivering your Talk. The Pitch, Tone, Pause, and Silence will make your Talk listener-friendly.
  • Articulation: Students will be judged by the way they pronounce their words, produce sounds, express their ideas and feelings in front of the judges.
  • Language & Grammar: Students will be judged on their writing skills, sentence composition and grammar

Master Class Workshop for Scribido Talks Ambassadors

The selected Scribido Talks Student Ambassadors will undergo a 2-day intensive Master Class Workshop on Articulation by Senior Scribido Campus Trainers. This workshop on articulation will groom the students in two phases.

In the first phase, they will learn Scripting and Articulation in which the Students will learn the skill to tell their story in an interesting way through the process of creative writing and storytelling.

In the second phase, they will learn the skills of Content Delivery, Body Language and Talk Presentation. Gestures, facial expressions, body movements, posture, and intonation convey a message and add value to a Student’s Talk. They will be trained in all the above parameters to express their thoughts and opinions in a confident manner.

The workshop will ensure that the students are well trained and perfectly ready for their final frontier. ‘Scribido Talks!’

Venue: Will be communicated to the selected participants

Fees: Rs. 2750/-


About Scribido Talks

  1.     What is Scribido Talks?

‘Scribido Talks’ is an online platform where students will get the opportunity to express their thoughts, opinions, share real-life stories and discoveries on their selected topics with millions of viewers.

  1.     How is Scribido Talks and Scribido Campus related?

Scribido Campus is an Indian Education Services Company offering a wide array of products and services to schools. Our focus is mainly on Articulation and improving the Communication Skills of students. ‘Scribido Talks’ is one of the events organised by Scribido Campus to give a platform to students to express their thoughts and ideas with the world. 

3.      What is the timeline for Scribido Talks?

The tentative timeline for Scribido Talks @ Mumbai City is-

  •      Registrations open from- 15th – 30th June 2019
  •      Auditions will be held on- 1st July – 13th July 2019 in different schools.
  •      Audition Results will be declared soon after the auditions.
  •      Workshop for selected students on – 15th July – 28th July 2019
  •      Final Video Shoot – 3rd – 11th August 2019
  •      Voting begins in September 2019. 
  •      The Scribido Talks Winner will be announced by September-end 2019
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4.     How do I register for Scribido Talks?

To register for Scribido Talks, (click here)

5.    Can I register on the day of the auditions?

No, we will not be accepting any spot registrations. Our registrations will strictly be online and open from 15th June 2019.

6.    I have a great idea, and my friend has one too. Can we both register?


7.    My school has not participated in the Talks, but I still want to, can I?

Yes. Anyone can register and participate in the Talks. The school helps as a medium to pass on the information to you.

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8.    Is it compulsory to wear my school uniform on the day of the auditions?

Yes. It would be best if you come in your school uniform along with your School ID card.

9.    Is there any registration fee?


10.   Do I need to carry along anything with me on the day of the auditions?

Please carry a bottle of water, snacks, and your School ID card for age proof. 

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FAQ's for selected Scribido Talks Ambassadors

  1. If I get selected can I just give the Talk without attending the workshop?

No. Attending the workshop is compulsory for all the selected students, only then will the students be allowed to come for the final day event of Scribido Talks.

  1. Can I read from my notes on the day of recording of my Talk?

No. Make sure you are well prepared with your topic and subject that you wish to speak on. There will be no retakes or cuts given to the speaker.

  1. Can I bring along my friends and family to see my Talk on the shoot day?

It is advisable to come only with your parents for the video shoot. No one will be allowed inside the recording studio except the participant.

  1. If I forget my lines, will I get to take a retake?

Not likely. You will be presenting your topic without any cuts or retakes.

  1. How will I know where and when my video is out?

All the videos will be uploaded on our website You will be able to share your video from there.

  1. Is there any other implied cost that I will incur other than the workshop fees?

No. The 2-day intensive workshop is the only time you have to pay. The workshop will groom you well for your Talk. You will be given key notes and some important tips which will be essential for you as a speaker even for the future.

  1. What is the fee for the workshop?

Rs. 2500/-

  1. Can anyone vote?

Yes. You can share your video with anyone and everyone.

  1. Will I be able to check the number of votes I have received?


  1. Can I speak on any other topic which is not mentioned in the speaker guide?

Yes, you are free to speak on any other topic not mentioned in the speaker guide.

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How do I contact the Scribido Campus Team?

After going through all the FAQ’s, if you still have any queries, please email us at with your query and phone number, and our project manager will get in touch within 1 hour.

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