Mrs. Kalpita Chafekar, Chairperson

Scribido Campus was founded under the leadership of Mrs. Kalpita Chafekar.  A charming personality, Mrs. Chafekar provides guidance and leadership as the Chairperson at Scribido Campus Pvt. Ltd.  She has been in the education field for the past 20 years, and teaching young children is her first love. Mrs. Chafekar is a multifaceted person, with interests in art, fashion design & cooking. She plays an instrumental role in the functioning of Chafekar Education Society, our non-profit arm, that is working in the tribal regions of Nashik to provide job oriented skill development.

Mr. Shaunak Chafekar, Managing Director

Shaunak started Scribido Campus, during his engineering days at the age of 21.  His approach to life is scientific, but his passion has always been toward the art of writing. Scribido was a result of this passion.  At Scribido, Shaunak makes use of his leadership skills to lead a team of young and talented individuals to build educational products that disrupt the industry.  Shaunak is a systems-man with the hunger to execute big projects that impact millions of students.  Shaunak is also known as a public speaker, a writer and regularly speaks as a guest lecturer at various MBA colleges, teaching students entrepreneurship. A foodie, a dog lover and a mainstay techno geek are just some of the words that describe him.

Our Team Values and Culture

Helping Students Articulate Better – At Scribido, everything we do is to benefit the student.

We’re a team of young, passionate and dedicated people who are constantly on a lookout for developing new, forward-thinking programmes that will help students grow and develop. Our ambitious and committed approach to our work has led us to beat the bigwigs at their own game. We believe that education is the greatest way in shaping our future, for it is the young minds of today that will lead our tomorrow. Therefore, we pride ourselves in working fairly with all our education partners.

We realised early on that the best way to design for programs for students is to think like them. We work with the idea – “Embrace the child within you”. Our childlike curiosity and approach towards our work we are constantly discovering new ways to engage students. Thus, helping them ace their communication and articulation skills.

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