The Campus Reporter Program

The Campus

Reporter Program

The Campus Reporter Program is a unique educational program that empowers young students to develop their language skills by setting up in-house news studios which help schools create custom-made newsletters, custom-made news bulletins and even a private radio channel. It is accurately designed to develop the communication skills of students in a holistic manner. The program is a platform where students are trained in writing skills and journalism, with the aim of preparing them to be campus reporters. School students actively contribute to their customised newsletter and video news bulletins through their editorial boards, creating a movement of journalism and articulation in the school campus.

3 Pillars

There are 3 Pillars of the program:

Training forms the backbone of the campus reporter program wherein Scribido Campus Trainers visit the school on the regular basis to train the students. A few features of the training program are:

  • Student Analysis via language assessment
  • Proprietary Syllabus on Writing Skills
  • Journalism Training which includes Interview Skills, Report Writing, Article Writing, Feature Writing among others.

The training given by Scribido Trainers helps the students to work on their own customised School Newsletter

The Scribido Campus Team

  • Curates Content from hundreds of students proofreads it, designs it and prints it.
  • Ensures that the Newsletter content, design and feel is something that parents and students would want to read.

Your School Newsletter

  • Helps your school with its marketing as the said newsletters are circulated to parents and prospective inquirers
  • Gives parents and readers information about the school, teachers and activities along with thoughts by children.Content curation forms the backbone of this process, as we ensure that the content highlights and mirrors the values and beliefs of the school. Every newsletter of every school is unique in its content and is made to reflect the school’s identity.

The Scribido Campus Team sets up News Studios in your school, and trains your students in mobile video journalism. All the necessary equipment,  sample content, script and storyline is provided by our team. The result is a private school news channel, with creative VFX effects, featuring your school students as reporters and anchors!

Scribido Campus Journalism Summit

  • The Journalism Summit is an Annual Event where we provide students with a platform to interact with senior and experienced journalists from prominent publications.

Scribido Premier League

  • This is an interschool sports league organized b Scribido Campus, wherein, schools compete with each other and play to win the Scribido Trophy.


  • Therapy dogs are a major attraction of this event. Students get a chance to interact with these special dogs and get lessons on kindness and compassion towards animals.

Teacher Training

  • We conduct annual workshops for teachers wherein, niche educationists train teachers on innovative methods and strategies to make classroom learning more experiential and productive.



Nirmala Convent School Monthly Newsletter

Vikhe Patil Memorial School Monthly Newsletter

News Video

City Pride School Video News Bulletin

Wisdom High International School Video News Bulletin

Popular training sessions

Interview Skills Customised according to the subject being interviewed: How to interview an entity from the management to a tenth topper to a Senior School Gardener to a Police Commissioner?

Event Reports:

How to report from a crime scene?

Article Writing:

How to use and merge trending topics with global news to write an exceptional article?

Book Review Vs Movie Review: How to write about the difference between the two?

Sessions on Screenplay Writing and Voice Modulation.

How blog writing is different from article writing?

How to create a storyline based on a simple prompt?

How does a Literary Workshop help students to connect with books and real-life situations?

What is the difference between proofreading and editing?


Mrs. Paramita Nandy, Principal – APSDR

In a day and age when barriers are being broken and boundaries are being pushed every day in every field, I ask, can the Principal remain locked up in the age old notion of the ivory tower insulating herself from the very people who are her school? Is it not time the Principal stepped out of the box to consider herself inclusive rather than exclusive? Her box needs to become bigger so that everyone can now fit in happily. And the only way that would be possible is to let everyone express opinions freely without being judgemental.

Dr. M Gairola, Principal– SB Patil Public School

As our mission states the holistic development of each child, we try to provide the platform for the expression of every aspect of the personality. Our quarterly Newspaper ‘Endeavour’ is one such initiative. Through ‘Endeavour,’ we wanted our students to inculcate the skill of writing and expression. We are on the right path and moving slowly but steadily towards our goal. Scribido Campus has helped us a lot in this endeavour. We appreciate them a lot for their passion and for arranging the Journalism Summit.

Ms. B. Mrinalini, Principal – VPMS, SB Rd

“A good newspaper is a nation talking to itself.” The language it speaks and the topics of discussion tend to formulate the ideas, stimulate the thoughts, and impact the views and opinions of the masses at large.
The goal behind initiating the Scribido Campus News Magazine in VPMS Pune was to reinforce a positive and relevant lifetime reading habit in students by engaging them with an authentic text—the newspaper, albeit one that originated and focused on school news.

Mrs. Ritu Agarwal, Managing Trustee– Wisdom High International School

Chronicle has been one of the major accomplishments in our school, as students have learnt many aspects of making, designing, editing and interviewing. It has enhanced their confidence. They are happy to showcase the achievements of the school and their schoolmates at the same time articulating the chronicle in a most student-friendly way.

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